G4FUI in 1987

I discovered an old photo I took of my station around 1987, the year our first son was born. Nothing was ever quite the same again!.
Anyhow I popped the photo into the scanner, and the following is the result :-

Click on the photo for a closer look ...

This photo features my old Trio TS820, matching VFO and AT230 tuner, plus Yaesu FT-290R (electric handbag for 2 metres) and of course the trusty Heathkit HD1410 and Junkers hand key.

Long before the recording of "wav" files onto PCs, we used to have to rely on rather more old-fashioned methods of recording QSOs, note the Akai 4000D reel-to-reel tape deck, which I still have in the loft somewhere ...

I had modified the TS-820 to cover 10MHz using a kit bought from Lowes in Matlock.

The elevated location of our house with a good take-off towards the South East ensured that I had quite a potent signal on 144Mhz, even with modest power to a 5 over 5 slot fed pair of yagis.
The present QTH is only half a mile away, but I have no VHF antennae on the outside of the house at the moment.