Yaesu FT-902DM S/N 1C 17 0273

Another EBay acquisition, this rig was bought as a good cosmetic example of an erstwhile "top-of-the-range" transceiver from a bygone era.

This model appears to be "plain vanilla" with no extra features, and does appear to be in pretty good order.

FT-902 - a yesteryear top of the range rig One operational niggle I have discovered to date is that the TX and RX frequencies on CW appear to be around 200Hz out, I assume this can be resolved with some simple realignment, providing of course one tweaks the right thing!

Of more concern is the burst of RF energy transmitted from the radio as the PTT is released, this is a recent discovery and has not yet been investigated.

The VFO digital memory mode potentially looks very useful for PSK operation, though as of the time of writing (September 2010) this mode has yet to be tried with this rig. Having said that, the frequency stability of the convential VFO leaves quite a bit to be desired.

FT-902DM Underside with covers removed

Page Updated : September 19th 2010