Yaesu FT-897D S/N 4E 30 0028

Another second-hand EBay purchase, bought standard.

The "Big Brother" of the FT-817ND, this radio has a very similar operating system, but a lot more "welly" than its smaller sibling.

FT-897D at work I have fitted the optional internal PSU which replaces the lower internal battery bay, as I felt it was going to be more useful to my operating preferences that way.

Owing to the favourable UK Pound to US Dollar rate prevailing in November 2007 I purchased the "W4RT" CW and narrow SSB filters new from the US for this radio.

What I like about this radio is it's sheer "unpretentiousness" - it is a very competent radio which covers HF and three VHF bands, is very versatile, is very compact and does most things pretty well. Added to all this, it is CHEAP! I think that in terms of value for money in today's market, it takes some beating!

Being menu-driven means it will not be everyone's cup of tea, but my '897D and I are well suited ...

This radio has pretty well become my mainstay radio, and is in use virtually daily.

The factory-installed TCXO gives this radio excellent frequency stability and is therefore suitable for the modern digital modes.

Page Updated :- September 13th 2010