Yaesu FT-817ND S/N 6N 19 0273

This modern pint-sized miniature marvel from Yaesu needs little introduction or detailed comment!

I happen to think this is an amazing radio for it's size and price!

This was another second-hand purchase from EBay, and the rig is virtually standard apart from the addition of a CW filter and the very useful "Peg-Legs".

The thumbnails show the CW filter as installed, notice this is NOT the proprietary Yaesu version, but a "home-made" version comprising just the same type of Collins filter as the Yaesu one, but with 1mm socketed flying leads and ugly-style terminating capacitors, secured with double-sided tape.

All in all a very neat alternative at a fraction of the price - thanks to  Paolo IK1ZYW for his crafty piece of work!

The following pictures show the mainboard of my '817 with the CW filter circled, and a close-up view of that filter

Note on the bottom picture the use of an inline RF key filter to protect the keying circuits from stray RF - an end fed antenna is often used at my station.

FT-817ND Mainboard FT-817ND Mainboard
CW Filter Closeup
817ND, Peg Legs and Key Filter
Whilst searching for some information about the DC power connector, I came across this nice little collection of titbits from Earl, N3EG
Page Updated : September 13th 2011