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Collectors and restorers of ham radio equipment have long had an almost
obsessive interest in their serial numbers. This includes me!

At least Yaesu produced a numbering scheme which could be relatively easily
decoded to allow future owners of the equipment to know fairly accurately
when that equipment was manufactured. This is much more difficult to do
though not impossible if you own equipment made by some of the other manu-
factureres such as Trio/Kenwood, Icom, etc.

Below is a table showing brief details about the radios in my collection

Photo Model Serial Number Date of
FT-101B FT-101B 5C 32 0034 Jan 1975 serviceable
FT-101E FT-101E 6F 17 0900 Apr 1976 serviceable
FT-902DM FT-902DM 1C 17 0273 Jan 1981 serviceable
FT-107M FT-107M 1F 09 0082 Apr 1981 serviceable
FT-101ZD FT-101ZD Mk3 1K 28 0123 Sep 1981 serviceable
FT-101ZD FT-101ZD Mk3 2I 31 0450 Jul 1982 no Tx on 80m
FT-102 FT-102 2M 07 1319 Nov 1982 Relays replaced
FT-897D in the shed FT-897D 4E 30 0028 Mar 2004 Shed Radio
FT-817ND in use as a meteor receiver FT-817ND 6N 19 0273 Dec 2006 in daily use

Photo Model Serial Number Date of Manufacture Remarks
TS-520 Trio
    u/s (Aug 09)
(no TX)
TS-180S Trio
950707 1979 No TX on any band, no RX on 10m
TS-130S Trio
1100232 1980 serviceable
TS-530S Trio
2021021 1981 serviceable
TS-830S Kenwood
7070114 1986 serviceable
TS-850S Kenwood
21000494 1990 serviceable

Photo Model Serial Number Date of Manufacture Remarks
IC-751A Icom
7137 1990 serviceable
bad caps)

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